The Mental Health Minute is an informational resource for anyone wishing to increase their awareness of various emotional/psychological issues. Articles can be copied and shared for educational purposes, provided they are clearly attributed to Dr. Victoria Balenger and www.mentalhealthminute.info.

Dr. Balenger is a licensed psychologist in Maryland and Virginia, now working for the Federal Government. She previously did employee assistance counseling for  various government and business organizations, and also worked in a university counseling center.

In addition to educational/vocational adjustment and psychological trauma, Dr. Balenger has expertise with energy psychology, group and organizational dynamics, and diversity issues.

Dr. Balenger’s educational background is as follows: B.S. in communication arts (‘86), James Madison University; M.A. in community counseling (‘89) and Ph.D. in counseling psychology (‘94), University of Maryland, College Park. She completed her clinical internship at Howard University’s Counseling Service.