Healthy Lifestyle Motivation Inventory

This inventory can help you think more broadly about your motivations for developing and maintaining certain healthy lifestyle changes. Rate each item according to the strength of its motivation for you, using the five-point scale below.

1                   2                     3                 4                   5

Lowest motivation               neutral                  highest motivation

  1. ___ Feeling better and more energetic
  2. ___ Becoming physically stronger or better coordinated
  3. ___ Fun and recreation
  4. ___ Attaining (or maintaining) a healthy weight
  5. ___ Other appearance-related concerns
  6. ___ Avoiding the possibly judgmental responses of others
  7. ___ A specific health issue(s) you’re trying to manage
  8. ___ A family health issue for which you’re trying to minimize your risk
  9. ___ Decreasing guilt (or “negative self-talk”) over not doing what you should
  10. ___ Minimizing the impact of certain chemicals/ toxins/environmental hazards
  11. ___ Setting a good example for children in your life
  12. ___ Supporting friends/family/colleagues who are trying to improve their health
  13. ___ Making sure you’re “at your best” to facilitate attainment of other goals
  14. ___ Improved coping with stress

For further reflection:

A) If all of your highly-rated motivators seem negative, see if there is a positive one you can start giving higher priority.

B) If any of your top motivators seem unhealthy or counterproductive, you can decide to give them less power!

C) Identify one or two motivators from the list which have actually translated into healthier choices or behaviors, e.g., buying lowfat dairy products to help manage a cholesterol problem, joining a sports team for fun & recreation.